We all need accounting systems to keep track of income and expenses during the year for a variety of reasons. 

Many business owners only do this activity for the compliance of income tax reporting. There are so many more opportunities than compliance when an accounting system is updated with information to make business decisions.

Since accounting systems show us the business income, we can see what activities are working based on tracking the income for each activity.

Wolfe Consulting offers monthly and quarterly accounting services using QuickBooks Desktop software for the accounting system. Each business is unique for time to complete the accounting work. If your business is ready for our CPA firm to handle the accounting, give us a call for a customized quote.

Quotes are determined by how many accounts need to be updated for transaction activity including bank accounts, credit cards, and payroll.

Here is what’s included with our Accounting Service:

  • Bank account transaction recording for deposits, expenses, and transfers. A Bank Reconciliation Report is available after we have received the bank statement and completed the reconciliation process for any outstanding income deposits and outstanding checks or debit transactions.
  • A profit and loss report for the period is available in PDF after the accounting is completed. This is not a service requiring an Accountant Report Letter as this is considered a Preparation Service.