Real Estate Agent Business Profit or Loss

Are you trying to review your Real Estate Agent profit or get ready to file tax returns using your business net income?

Try downloading this Income Statement for Agents. Simply update the year you want to report on the top, type in your business name, and away you go.

If you are stuck on what to because you have some expenses in a personal account, no problem.

One of the best practices is to always have a separate business checking account set up, but if you have some business expenses mixed into a personal account, try to highlight those business expenses on your bank statements and put the bank statements with the expenses into your digital business records.
You can add up all the business expenses inside the excel spreadsheet by pressing the + key on your keyboard instead of having to use a calculator.

When the expenses look complete to you, send your Income Statement over to Wolfe Consulting to file your tax return.

We can review the information and see if there are some more opportunities for business tax write-offs. That's what we do!