Wolfe Consulting offers services for Governments and Municipalities

Audit Support

This includes schedule coordination, working with the independent audit firm, workpaper preparation, review of staff or other consultant prepared workpapers, drafting schedules, drafting financials, review of financials on behalf of the governmental entity, presenting and/or preparing materials for audit committee or board meetings, and filing with GFOA.

Budget Support

This includes schedule coordination, meetings with management for development and review, review of prior year and current year actuals, escalation factors for inflation, 3 year average of prior year actuals, preparation of end of year projections, and preparation of new fiscal year budget.

Project Management

This includes financial or technology projects, consultant acts as Project Manager on behalf of the governmental entity, provides leadership and oversight of the project, assists in the identification of stakeholders and engages the stakeholders in the project, directs the work of staff assigned to the project, works collaboratively with project partners/other contractors, holds weekly project meetings – monitoring progress, deliverables, while providing solutions and timely updates to the project sponsors.

General Consulting/Training

This includes all matters outside of the above described services, such as general financial consulting services, training, and development.  Includes financial best practices, process improvements, and financial policies.

Interim Finance Director

This includes stepping into a vacancy in your organization and directing the daily operations of the Department and the team.  Includes all aspects of financial operations for the Finance Department.