We Help Families and Businesses

Family Tax Service

We are devoted to helping families save money on taxes each year with the right amount of planning. If you have a basic tax situation with only a Form W-2 to report and a primary residence with itemizing deductions, the tax service will fall into our basic tax preparation service at a reasonable fee.

We offer tax services for complex tax situations including small businesses or farms that report income on the Form 1040. Depending on how many forms are required and how much time is needed to complete the tax returns, we will complete the federal, state, and local required tax returns based on your specific tax situation.

Wolfe Consulting offers tax services using a robust professional tax software. quote. We can review situations for filing Married Filing Separate within our tax software to determine what outcome works the best.

Quotes are determined by how many hours are needed to complete the work and the market value of the final work product.

Business Tax Service

We review the documents needed to complete the business accounting and will provide suggested accounting journal entries for the year end tax returns. Tax preparation involves completing a trial balance for the business which includes review of balance sheet accounts and various income statement accounts. This is in no way an audit or financial statement engagement, and management remains solely responsible for the financial information for the business.

We have experience with preparing most tax entity structures including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies.

Quotes are based on how many hours are needed to complete the work and the market value of the final work product.

Estate /Trust & Gift Tax Service  

Wolfe Consulting offers experience in tax services for preparing tax returns for estate and trust tax entities. The estate income tax return is usually the income that continues after a decedent has passed which has its own federal tax identification number with the IRS reported on Form 1041.

Trust tax entities are more complicated in tax reporting on Form 1041 as there are beneficiaries of a trust that receive income and deductions reported to them on Schedule K-1 from the trust that must be reported on their personal tax returns.

Gift tax reporting is necessary when a natural person completes a present value interest to another person that is above the value of the stated IRS annual gift exclusion amount.

Tax Consulting & Business Consulting

Wolfe Consulting offers tax advice for families and businesses whether the tax matter involves simple tax planning to determine if estimated tax payments are necessary or a complex tax plan to calculate capital gains from the sale of properties. Some examples of consulting services are below.